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Hi Everyone! Just had a quick question - for the past couple weeks I've had some pretty tight pressure in my chest area- sometimes expanding up to my throat. I also had a couple incidents where (and this usually happened when I was very relaxed...almost about to fall asleep) where I would wake up and gasp for air (almost like I 'forgot" how to breathe for a minute). This freaked me out. Anyway, the chest pressure was really scaring me, so I went to the doc and they did an xray and didn't appear to be anything there. But the doc said it sounds like anxiety and the gasping for air was a panic attack. ?? I am confused because, while yes I am under stress (who isn't) I'm not under and more than usual. The ONLY thing that has changed in the last couple months is the amount of sleep I have been getting (basically - not much!) But for good reasons: I started a new relationship and we are having too much fun to sleep. ;-) The doc said the lack of sleep can be contributing. I just don't feel "stressed out" enough to warrant having anxiety attacks. In any event, the doc prescribed Xanax but said to just take it "when I need it". ??? Is this correct ? I am confused! Can "Anxiety" just sneak up for no apparent reason? THanks for any insight!

By the way: I have no other symptoms besides the pressure in my chest (and the rare 'gasping for air' incidents that just happened recently).
hi, while im happy 4 you about the relationship and having fun and not seeming too bothered about the whole panic attack thing, its just really annoyed me, well, not annoyed, but ya get me drift, that your doc gives you xanax like a sweet! (read the i want xanax thread thing by me and you wil know what im talking about.) argh my stupid un helpful doc!!!!!

yea, i have had and sometimes still get this gasping think like you 4got 2 breath. i get it sometimes when i have just fell asleep. ive never had any full explanation of it though, but as your doc said, just all anxiety and panic attacks.

im the same, nothin like dramatic or stressful or anythin happend in my life, i just started to get panic attacks in my last year of school, and had them ever since.

glad you got help so early. take the xanax when or if you feel anxious.

take care
I have also had the chest stuff and waking gasping for air.I also catch myself not breathing right or at all sometimes its weird,but I think your doctor is prob right.Also yes it is normal for a doc to perscribe a Benzo to take on a "as needed " basis for anxiety and panic sufferers.I took the benzo klonopin for two years now just the anti depressant Lexapro once daily.

good luck to you and glad to hear of your healthy relationship

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