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I am 34 year old and I have been always an anxious person, but not to the point what I could not control it. But in the last six weeks my anxiety really "exploded" with episodes of terrible insomnia and day time anxiety (butterflies in my stomach, trembling, pounding heart). Ativan helps to relieve the symptoms for a while, but they come back again. I tried Paxil and Zoloft, for about 10 days each, and both increased my "jitternes" and gave me a feeling of uneasiness and depression. I really don't suffer from depression by itself, being anxious makes me depressed, but when I don't have symptoms I am fine. I am trying to learn different relaxation techniques (abdominal breathing, meditation), hoping this will help me without meds, since I really haven't suffered from anxiety for too long. I have been doing Yoga for the last year once a week, I love it and now I am trying to do it more often.
Has anybody heard of or tried Chales Linden's method? Any other advices to the new anxiety sufferer?!

Thank you
Hi anna,
Ive heard of the linden method, and like yourself would be curious to know if anybody has had any success with it.
Yoga is meant to be good for anxiety as is pilates, deep breathing and meditation.
Exercise is suppose to burn off excess adrenalin (thats what generally causes anxiety symptoms), so if you can excercise DO!
There are also many 'herbal' remedies that can help, if you dont wish to take SSRI's, valium etc. (its all down to personal preference/experiance).
I hope you find some answers soon.
Best wishes.

I bought the Linden method. I found it was quite good but really nothing I didn't already know, as I have had and studied anxiety for some time now. I found that the meditation exercises only stressed me more!

I have tried everything at this stage to try to conquer the awful feelings from anxiety (meds,Linden & other methods) and I have finally discovered that anxiety (in most cases) is caused by underlying issues, which we haven't dealt with.We may not even know what these issues are until we think about our lives and other people or things that may be stressing us. I believe now that anxiety happens when our mind can't, or doesn't want to, deal with these issues.

I have made more progress in the last few months than in the previous 5 years simply by starting to discover what my REAL personality and character is. Up to now I have always said and done what I thought I should do to please others.Now I decide 'Do I really want to do this', and 'do I want to sit here quitely and let someone say what THEY want and not give my opinion?'
Not any more, I now want to be ME and not worry what others think.God loves me and them.And I should love myself and do what I can for people but not to the extent of losing my identity.

Hope this helps a little.I know well what you're experiencing. God and yourself will see you through.
Funny, i read about the linden method last night and wondered the same, thanks hopeful i know not to bother with it now!!
Thank you so much, Hopeful!

I do agree with you on causes of anxiety.

I do think about my life, my habits, and my thinking habits (!) a lot these days and see all the causes what brought me to this state. For the last 8 years (since my son was born, I also have a 4 year old daughter) I simply tried to do too much! I always wanted to be the best mother, the best wife, the best homemaker, juggling all these between a job and an art hobby (which I also wanted to succeed in!). I never learn to relax! Relaxation for me would be either a quite strenuous workout or sleep (never sufficient, 6-7 hours), when I was dead tired at night. In the morning a cup of a very strong coffee would fire me up again, and I would be on the go for another day. Finally, I guess, this constant emotional and physical stress caught up with my body.

Thanks on feedback about Linden Method. I have been reading "Anxiety and Phobia Workbook", which helped me a lot to learn about the causes of my anxiety as well as gave me a lot of tips on overcoming it. Highly recommend! The book by Dr. Weil "Healthy Aging" is also great help in learning to reset your mind for more relaxed life.


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