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I read your post:

"Absolutley, I had it so bad I didnt believe it was just "anxiety" I thought I had an illness that no one could find, I was terrified, I also had incredible muscle tension that made be bedridden, I also stuttered so bad I couldnt talk and my eyesight got worse. I am a millions times better now and only get a bit of twitching and jitters but everything else is ok, anxiety sux bigtime"

I really don't have twitches or spasms all over, mainly just in/around my mouth....(Toungue, Lips) I also think I have some disease or something...since I stutter sometimes or have trouble saying certain words....

Did you ever experience this? What I am describing...almost like your tongue/mouth is very nervous...and things just don't sound right sometimes???

I am scared.....

I have been on ZOLOFT and ATIVAN for 1 month...could the MEDS cause my muscle spasms?
I didn't have this 6 weeks ago, I was normal then..... and then was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic disorder 1 month ago and have been on the MEDS ever since....

The Only thing that is worrying me is the Speach thing.....I don't want to have some disease.....

Can you relate? Anyone? Help


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