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I'm shy at first around strangers, but I pretend I'm not. I have stagefright. I'm controlling and worry that if I don't take care of things they won't get done properly. I am very empathetic and caring of other people. I don't take criticism well. I can be a very loyal friend, but if I am betrayed, I have a very hard time forgiving, and usually I just cut that person out of my life. I'm funny and love to have fun. I'm a whiner when it comes to my own health, but a great caretaker when it comes to others. I'm very organized and don't think well when things are in disarray, but I can let the dishes sit in the sink sometimes. I am very grateful for my husband and my son and never take my time with them for granted (being a cancer survivor will do that to a person). I am not materialistic and I am uncomfortable around people that are. My politics are on the liberal side toward the middle and my faith in a higher power is between me and him/her because I don't like the exclusivity of most religions, but I do very much have respect for others' beliefs. I'm not afraid of hard work, but I am a procrastinator that is highly functioning under a deadline. I'm not too squeamish and candle handle things during a crisis.

How's that for too much information? LOL :)

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