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Hi everyone, I really dont know where to begin, but I will try. I have had 2 babies in the last 2 years and since my daughter was born 2 years ago I started worrying about dying. Anyway after I had my son 1 yr ago it became even worse :( I live a VERY secluded life, dont really see anyone, and only really talk to my family on the phone and see them a couple of times a month. I am also type 2 diabetic which has been very uncontrolled. My doctor put me on medication which I have been taking for about a month now and my sugar levels are becoming a lot better controlled. I have been feeling very depressed and of course stressed out due to looking after 2 babies pretty much on my own. My doctor prescribed me with zoloft which I was on for 7 days. The 7th day was one of the worst days I have ever had in my life :( I woke up and noticed that my right eye was twitching ( its the only way I can think to describe it ) I then started thinking oh my god Im about to have a stroke and my right arm went all numb and was kind of hurting. I tried contacting my husband at work and they couldnt get in contact with him ( which freaked me out even more ) I then tried contacting a couple of family members unsucessfully. By this time I was absolutely convinced I was in the middle of having a stroke ( in hindsight I now know I was in the middle of a full blown panic attack ) I was just so scared as I was here alone with my babies and was frightened to death as I thought If I drop dead now, my babies will be left here ALONE unattended. I finally got through to my mother on the phone who after much convincing got me to ring an ambulance ( this is how sure I was that I was dying ) . The thing is my family all live about an hours drive away from me, so you can see why I was freaking out. Anyway the ambulance came and took me and my 2 babies down to the hospital and by this time we had managed to contact my husband. They did an ECG which came back fine and the ambulance guy had come to the conclusion that I had had one almighty panic attack. I was told by the doctors to STOP taking the zoloft. I had also had a few other side effects from it, night sweats , extremely tired and lethargic and tummy pains. Anyway my doctor now wants me to try another anti depressant called efexor ( I think thats how its spelt ), but I am absolutely terrified that it will make me feel even worse than what I already do :( Im still not totally convinced that was is wrong with me is anxiety :( I am having episodes of numbness and tingling in my arms legs, hands and feet. Chest pains, muscle pains,lightheadedness, ache all over, basically I feel like crap :( I still have this constant feeling of dread like there is something terribly wrong with me and that I am going to die and my babies left without a mummy :( I have an appt on the 22n Nov with a heart specialist, just to be on the safe side because of my diabeties. ( even though the ECG that was done last Friday at the hospital was fine ) Im just so scared of everything now. Im frightened to eat because of my diabeties, I smoke cigarettes, which I really want to quit and I also feel like Im going to have a panic attack just about everytime I light one up now. Im frightened to drink coffee now, even though I have been drinking it all my life. I guess I am just plain scared of everything right now. I feel like I am losing my mind :( I feel insane even writing this huge long post.
I have been reading a lot of other posts and it seems like a LOT of other people are having similar physical symptoms to me and it just seems amazing that anxiety can cause so many. I asked my doctor for something short acting that can help with the anxiety attacks ( if thats what I am having ) and he said there wasnt anything. I know this is baloney, he obviously doesnt want to give me anything. [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]Anyway to my original reason for posting, I am terrified to try the efexor incase they have a bad effect on me like the zoloft did ? Has anyone else had bad experiences with one type of antidepressant, but been fine on another ? The way I have been lately Im just plain terrified to do anything that could cause the absolutely terrifying attack I had last Friday :eek: Well thanks if you have read through all of this and I hope someone can give me some advice :angel:

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