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Hi, welcome to the boards! :wave:
Sounds like you and me have a lot in common....
I used all the same exact drugs you did (plus a few others) and was normal, fine for a while. Then got off drugs and have not taken any since. But some where along the line after I stopped I noticed pain in my neck and pressure in my head, etc... Went to ER 3 times, a neurologist and an ear nose & throat specialist and was told I was fine and that it was all in my head, etc... So, along came the anxiety and weird creepy feelings. I ended up going to a chiropractor after 2 months of having the pressure in my head and he found that I had "FHP - forward head posture" it's from slumping while on computer or sitting a a desk... He did a couple months of treatments on me and all the pains and pressure went away. (my head ache and pressure went away after my first treatment!) but I still had anxiety (didn't know what it was yet though) and after a while I had a panic attack... TERRIBLE! I thought I was having heart attack, stroke or going to die FOR SURE any second. Same feelings as you mentioned. I ended up later after having a few panic attacks going to a doctor and was diagnosed with panic anxiety disorder. They put me on zoloft which is working great! Once in a blue moon I'll have a little anxiety or a mini panic attack right before my period (i'm a 30 yr old female, by the way). But you know how we worry about when will the next one come, will I be able to excape where I'm at (store, driving, etc) all the bad what if thoughts that can bring on a panic attack? Well though I have these tiny, mini attacks, just about one a month, I don't worry about them at all now. I never think about it and when it comes, it's sorta like nothing, like having a cramp that ya just gotta wait out. Anyway, zoloft is helping me a LOT. I am uninsurred and get my meds through the urgent care centers. It costs about $100 to see a doc and my doc gives me a 3 month supply of zoloft samples. I have a job now (don't make much) but anyway, I have to pay for my zoloft now. I'm on 50mg's. One thing my doc told me that is helpful: one month supply of zoloft should not cost more than $80 but it will be that price no matter how many mg's they are so, since I am on 50mg's he writes the script for 100mg pills so, I get a 2 month supply by cutting them in 1/2. He said to call around to pharmacies to find the lowest price cause some places charge well over $100 for it.
You asked:

1. Because of the totally creepy existence questions mentioned above I was wondering if this should be considered a typical soul searching type thing that I must eventually think through or are these symptoms of my my diagnosed anxiety or consider it or something more serious such as schizophrenia.---
Well, unless you see people that are not there then you probably don't have schizophrenia. My dad had that and before he got meds he used to have full blown paranoid conversations with people only he could see. (it was VERY drastic). Sounds to me more like you're going through panic/anxiety again because I had the exact same feelings you are speaking of above before I got on my meds and I was diagnosed with the same disorder as you. What you're feeling is normal for someone with panic/anxiety.
You said you've been off meds for 3 years, right? Some people get better on meds, then stop and are ok for yearrrsss then it comes back once in a while. During that time (which sounds like what you might be going through) then it's a good idea to get back on an antidepressant that's good for panic/anxiety. If zoloft worked well for you before, I'd try it first.

2.Does anybody on here have decent results for anxiety with homeopathic remedies and if so so what type and dosage. ---
I've only ever tried paxil which didn't work for me though it works for others and zoloft which is GREAT for me.

3. Does anybody have a link to a good sucess story to make me feel like things will eventually get better.
There are loads of success stories here throughout these message boards. Just do some searches here on this site and look through the anxiety board and also, the panic board. For some people this disorder is a life long thing. For others it comes and goes or never returns. What ever the case, just take the meds you need to deal with it so you can have your life back. I couldn't leave the house for almost a year because of panic attacks. I'd have 2 to 4 attacks a day after a while. If I had treated it with medication sooner while just in anxiety mode (before my panic attacks came) then I probably never would have gotten to this point in the first place. So, the longer you let it go and suffer with it the worse it can get. It can't kill you or hurt you but it does suck and make you feel and think all kinds of crazy thoughts "like you're going to die, depersonalization, weird tingly feelings in your body, shortness of breath, etc. All of these symptoms can be dealt with. One is medication, another is CBT - a type of therapy (a breathing technique I learned help me make my panic attacks go away in a few seconds which is why I think I don't worry about them much anymore), I haven't tried natural meds yet but it don't hurt to try. Each person is different and will respond differently to different meds, treatments, etc., so don't give up till you find the right one or combo that works for you. I have my life back 100% now. I have a job, I'm getting married soon, I get out of the house and have an active normal life again. My thoughts are calmed and relaxed now. I just feel so much better and if I have to stay on zoloft for the rest of my life then so be it. My condition was REALLY bad before zoloft so, believe me, if "I" can do it, you can do it. Go as soon as possible and see a doctor (one who understands - i had to see 3 before i found one who got it) and go over your options with the doctor then get started ASAP with your treatment. The longer you wait and suffer then the harder it might be to get over the "thoughts, what if thinking and worry about panic". The physical stuff is easy to get rid of after you learn ways to deals with it like the breathing thing and meds. My hardest part was letting go of the thought process that comes after feeling so bad for so long but I did get rid of it too. Keep us posted on how you're doing or if you ever just want to vent.
Take care & good luck!
T. :)

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