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Has anyone here used any of these drugs in combination with each other? Can they all be used together? When I had bouts with panic/anxiety years ago I used the Xanax and Inderal toegether which worked great. I was able to quit the Xanax after a short time but stayed with the Inderal for a few years. Then I was off even the Inderal for a few years. Now the panic/anxiety returns worse than EVER! However, my anxiety wasn't nearly as severe then as it is now. I'm wondering if I should just try the Inderal/Xanax combo again or just the Lexapro or Lexapro/Xanax or all three. I'm very anxious about taking the Lexapro. I've had the prescription for a month and have yet to fill it! What's weird is that I'm even anxious about taking the Inderal again even though I used it successfully for years! Would there be ANY possibility that I could have a bad reaction to it now even though I used it for years before with no side effects? I know that sounds crazy, but it's a real fear I have. My blood pressure is already fine, usually on the low end of low and I'm worried it will make it dangerously low. My heart rate varies between normal and high when I'm anxious, and I don't want that to fall below normal either. Thanks for any input.

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