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I have had Anxiety for as long as I could remember. It was never bad and was usually just triggered by some phobias I had, like flying or being trapped. About a month ago I contracted a Virus, since then I have had Anxiety just about every day since then. They are not full blown panic attacks, but its just a constant worry. It helps when I get my mind off my health and play a video game or something, but if I just sit and think about it I start to get a little worried. I'm haveing this feeling right now from thinking about it. I know I am fine, the Virus has come and gone.. I still have a bit of congestion, I think its sinuses triggered by the virus(?). Before I got sick I was out looking for a "good" job (got a college degree a few months ago) and now I find it hard to drive my car by myself. I don't know why.. I never had a problem with it before. I guess in the back of my mind I'm affraid I might have an attack while driving.
I'm not sure what too do. I don't really have the cash for a Doctor's visit (unemployed). I tried talking to my girlfriend about it, but I find it very hard to explain. I can tell she is worried about me and she constatlly asks "How are you feeling today?" "Do you still have Anxiety?" etc.. But to be honest I don't think this helps me much. Even if I was, at that time she asks, having some worry I would lie to her telling her "I'm fine." If I say I was feeling Anxiety she would continue to talk to me about it and it would make it worse for me becouse now i'm thinking about it.
I'm hoping this is something that will pass on its own, maybe when my sinus get cleared up and then I can stop worrying about breathing issues. I just dont know why this is happening. I don't think i'm depressed, I have a lot too look forward too still. Im just really confused.. Is it common for a illness to trigger Anxiety? If so, when the illness is better is it common for the Anxiety to still be present?
Anyways, I'm sorry for the long post. I guess it feels kind of good to vent some of this off on cyberspace. Any help would be appreciated.


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