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Here is my latest concern, the am of thanksgiving i woke up,no anxiety or panic or anything,just depressed,i was pissed..............wht.........why cant i just wake up one day and just be AWAKE,is that my problem,???Do i wake up and think to yself i better feel or think something,either panic,anxiou,or depresswed?? I know I need to see the doc about this and i dont get to see her until like 2 weeks, so i am just trying to gather as much info as i can to poor on the lady, and at what point do i ask for am anti dep,are those for being depressed or will they help with the all over feeling of gloom nd drooom, I am supposed to be taking lexapro from my pcp,but i am not real sure he really knows all about it, and of course i am in that point of my craziness that every ache and pain````````````````means something fatal, so needless to say i cant wait to see this new dr who will proably just run into his office for 2 sec hear me out for a second or 2,throw me some samples and tell me to come back in a month and tell him how i did,well, my queation is what are they supposed to for me>>>>so, i guess my question is what are abti dep supposed to help with>>thanks for all who help me, i do lay my head down easier at night...................CHRISTINE

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