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hi everyone

I am a 34 year old female from the UK and have been tolf that I suffer from Chronic Anxiety. i take 10mg citalopram and have done for 7 months now which helps. When I started this I was so happy that I found something to take away the chest pains, neck pain, migraine, moods and nervousness. Recently I have been told that my 34 year old hubby has to have surgery after christmas for mitral valve prolapse and I have started to get my chest pains back. My hubby (now paranoid with his heart after the recent news) has told me that I need to check it out for Angina. The pain I have can only be described as somebody putting a knife through the left side of my chest and it coming out through my back. Its a sharp pain and comes and goes. I also suffer a lot of back pain in bed which has kept me awake over the past few weeks and wonder if this is related.
Any advice fro you would really help. I don 't want to bother the doctor again as he will thik I am becoming obsessed with this anxiety thing. :confused:

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