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Just took my 3rd dose of Clarithromycin (antibiotic) and used my Sinucleanse about 3 hours ago. About 15 minutes after taking my meds I had a full blown panic attack (I think) while watching "South Park". Heart was beating extreamly hard, very dry mouth, felt like I was hot, and was sweating a little on my head. I initally thought I was having some kind of reaction with Clarithromycin, but then started to think a little about my anxiety. I started drinking a bunch of Diet Dr. Pepper (my fav drink, I have been drinking lots of water latley and thought it would make me relax easier) and started munching on a bunch of sunflower seeds, it was the only thing in reach. I kept telling myself... "Just relax it will pass." "Deep breath..1..2...3...4 exhale (this was VERY difficult too do when in a panic!)." I got that breating idea from this board. After about 15-20 minutes I started to relax and everything was back too normal. This is one of the most terrifing things I have ever been through / felt. I don't know how to discribe it, its kind of like a really bad nightmare where everything doesn't feel real if that makes sence to anyone. Now that i'm feeling better I don't know if this was anxiety (this what it really feels like?) or I really had a conflict with my meds. Now i'm feaked out about taking Clarithromycin, which is NOT good, becouse its my antibiotic for my sinuses/virus!

For about a month I was feeling nervious for no reason. I started to talk and read on this thread/forum and was feeling a lot better. I basically wasn't nervious/scared anymore and was actually feeling good. Then all the sudden this comes out of nowhere and i'm back to square one, feeling nervious and scared mostly about Clarithromycin. Scared of taking it again having another Panic attack and feeling scared that its in my system now. I don't know if I can handle another attack like that, it was horrid!

Please I need some more help. Was this panic attack associated with Anxiety? If so, how can I put my mind back to ease and continue my antibiotics? Wow, I just now thought about it... I have to do it for two weeks twice a day!

Can anyone relate to the feelings I had when I was having my panic attack? If so, how in the world do you guys handle Anxiety? I don't think I can take Anxiety medications while im on Clarithromycin(?).

Does it sound like I had a full blown panic attack? Becouse I can't imagine it getting any more worse than that.

Seeking more advice, please help. I'm still a newbie with Anxiety :p

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