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Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback on possible Lexapro withdrawal. My Dr. prescribed me Lexapro for apparent GAD about a month or so ago. Originally I was feeling dizzy at work, but my Doc though it was anxiety so he prescribed this and said the side effects are very minimal. I started taking it, but I wasn't happy with some of the side effects I was feeling. I started feeling more or less like a zombie; being tired all the time and not feeling like myself. I was also achy at times and felt some aches and pains through my body, including joint pain (hands, shoulder, hips, etc) which I did not previously have. I also experience slight tremor and some sexual side effects as well (low sex drive). After about 3 weeks, I decided that I didn't want to take this pill anymore and my Doc advised to taper off. Being the fool that I am, I quit cold turkey. The first few days were okay, but now I'm not so sure. I have been off for about 10 days or so, and the aches and pains are pretty bad. Mostly a dull pain, but still not a lot of fun. Joints still ache, and emotionally I seem to drift back and forth between being "normal" and being irritable and frustrated. Sleep is also an issue, and I have to seemingly take a xanax to get a good nights rest. I also feel fatigued, but this feeling seems to come and go. I show no other signs of any other illness (I've had plenty of tests over the past few weeks, so I have had blood work done as well as an MRI and numerous other examinations). I guess my question is if anyone else has experienced similar issues. I have researched this on the net as much as I can, and everything I am experiencing seems to be associated with the pill and possible withdrawal, although I didn't know that an anti-depressent could effect the body as much as it does (meaning the joints and muscles). Any feedback would be most welcome. Thank you for your time!

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