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Ok, so there isn't one. :p

I'm fairly new to the anxiety meds world. I was at my general doctor explaining my constant stomach problems that I've had for (gulp) 14 years. We went over the whole lactose intolerance diagnosis that I received when I was 16 which just didn't really help or explain anything. So then I mentioned my anxiety and the two just fit. So she prescribed Effexor XR. I gradually increased dosage to 187.5 and it's helped me tremendously not just with anxiety & my stomach, but with my social phobia. She also recommended that I see a therapist and she gave me a small script of Xanax for really bad moments - of course I took those regularly. So I made an appt with a pyschiatrist when I really should've just seen a psychologist. This guy was like, "why would you be on Effexor for anxiety, it's for depression etc etc" and then he was looking in a med book which kinda scared me and he said "How long hav eyou been depressed" and I said, "I'M NOT!"...Anyhow, he said Xanax was not good and I should be on Klonopin. So I've been trying that and basically it just makes me want to sleep.

So I see him again on the 30th. Joy....and I now see a therapist as well that first and foremost said EXERCISE...and I joined a gym (only because a friend did, otherwise I wouldn't have had the courage) and it feels GREAT.

Anyhow, let's see, what my point....

Oh, are there any anxiety meds you use that do NOT make you want to sleep? Also, the addiction part is semi-scary...and the fact that if you keep taking them they induce anxiety :rolleyes: ...A friend mentioned Atarax...?

Just looking for something for those really tense times. I hope in time that deep breaths will be enough and I don't have to depend on pills. I'm not ready for that yet...

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