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I have been taking 20 mgs of Lexapro for about two months now. They have been the best two months i have had in quite some time. I have not had a panic attack, not felt the constant butterflies in my stomach and only had to take Xanax a couple times a week. But now, in the last week or so, my anxiety seems to be pushing its way through the Lexapro again. I have been having more anxious "episodes" particularly when going out to dinner or something. I have had to take 2 or sometimes 3 Xanax to get through the evening. And then this morning, on the way to work, I actually had my first panic attack in 2 months.

I realize meds won't "cure" anxiety, and I know I will still have some bad days, but this has been fairly consistent over the last week or two and today is definitely worse than the semi-bad days I have had while on lexapro. This feels like pre-Lexapro. Is it possible for it to stop working after only two months?

I should also mention I am taking 30 mgs a day now. My dr recommended upping it to 30, which I have, but as far as I have read, 20 is the highest dose and anyhting more than that isn't realy beneficial.

has anyone else had this happen to them on any Anti-depressant?
I don't really know the best advice to give you, as I have yet to figure things out myself. I am taking 10 mgs of Lexapro a day - up from about 5mg that I took for two months. The Lexapro hasn't taken away my anxiety completely as I still experience anxiety symptoms - and I have a lot of anticipatory anxiety before doing stressful activities. It has worked well to relieve depressive episodes that I was experiencing prior to starting the Lexapro.

Here's a little background about me: I was on Paxil 3 years ago for panic when I abruptly quit taking after I was on it for about a year. Quitting the Paxil like that seemed to turn on the anxiety and panic "switch" in my brain and I have been stuck like that ever since. I've tried the Lexapro in desperation hoping that I could turn that switch off again and go back to how I felt on the Paxil the first time around. Unfortunately, I haven't had spectacular results. The effect from the Lexapro has been very mild (I feel a little more grounded and that is all), but it really hasn't turned off the anxiety like I hoped it would.

I will mention this to my doctor, and see if he will recommend another, hopefully more potent antidepressant that will have more of an effect. Although, I've read some people on the Internet saying that generally most anti-depressants don't work as well the second time around - that may be what has happened to me.

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