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Cant talk right!
Dec 5, 2005
Ok so basically i used to be super social then at the end of my freshman year to the end of my junior year (im half way through my senior year now) it got super scared and nervous all the time around people. i would never talk at school and i got fat and even more shy.

well this year ive started to become alot less shy, i go to party's and all the sport events at school and im alot more bold, not as bold as i used to be though, but no nearly as shy. and i lost alot of weight and have a new look so women are taking noticeto me now. like at party pretty women will come up to me and introduce themselves. but usualy i get nervous around pretty women. and sometimes guys who are "popular" and i cant speak right. ill slur my speach and mess up when i talk and its hurting my morale.(sp?) i mean i still have 20 lbs to lose and all but im lookign pretty good, but i still get nervous when im around some people. but there are alot of people know i can talk to normaly that i didnt before. so the most common thing i hear is "what did you say" because ill now go up to talk to people but half the time only to mess up while im talking and they dont understand me. unless im drunk then somehow i talk clearer as long as im not too drunk and i go up and have long converstations with people with ease even pretty women..haha.

whats going on? i mean its so hard for me to talk clear to some people and others i dont have a problem with? its trying to fix it when i speak but its hard, i feel if i talk alot louder i can be clearer with my speech but i dont wanna be annoying and talk to loud.

example this pretty girl at the party i was at saturday said i look alot better then i used to. and i talked to her after i had a few beers and today at school she came up and said high to me, i got the hi off without messing i got sidetracked by some friends talking about me almost passing out so i talked to them and was trying to tell them a story about the party but half way through my speech got messed up and they lost interest. so i went some girls house after that, that im comfortable with and told the exact same story with ease, no speech problems and she understood me. i dont get it, it has to be in my head...
thanks for the help. it differs sometimes. like today i had trouble telling a story to a person who usualy i can talk well with. but i tried hard for most of school and was fine talking to alot of people and i didnt mess up until after school.

the thing is i used not be shy and i was actually used to be stuck up and kinda mean. i used to think i was the greatest person ever. so its kinda weird to go from that to whati am now. but i think if i work hard enough and pay attention and stay calm ill do alot better. i tried it today and for the most party it went alot better.

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