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It's a fast-acting pill that dissolves quickly, so my symptoms abate within 15 minutes of taking it. Still, I have very severe panic attacks, and for some, the 0.5 lessens the symptoms to a normal panic attack, so I'm able to function. The reason I needed the 0.125 is because the 0.5 made me extremely tired, and unable to get any work done, and when you're a college freshman, this isn't really an ideal situation! :D Not to mention that I'm also on Prozac and Lamictal, which also cause drowsiness... :rolleyes: I think why I require such a low dosage is because I've seriously had panic attacks for 15 years, since age 3, practically every day- a lot of the time, several times a day. Thus, my body has become so accustomed to having them that any amount of medication will work. I doubt that such a low dose will always work, but when I first started medication at age 15 for "generalized anxiety" (did my own research and was astounded to find that I have the "pure obsessional" type of OCD- been suffering since age 4, severely since age 11...), I started on a mere 25 mg of Zoloft, and it calmed me, no lie, the first day. I highly doubt it was a "placebo effect" either, because both my mother and I saw the change. 25-50 worked for a year, but I was up to 250 this past August and it wasn't doing anything. So, that's why I guess my systems are overly-sensitive: the symptoms have been present for such a long time that my basal ganglia/sympathetic nervous system respond to any help they can get at first. :angel:

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