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Re: More palps...
Dec 10, 2005
hi I was having problems with palps and I still have them sometimes,but no as bad.I think I have responded to one of your other posts before.Anyway,my palps are usualy skipping,fluttering,quivering,irregular beating.When they were bad I didnt usualy notice them when up and going maybe a few here and there,but it was awful when id lay down to sleep at night,or for a nap.I remember jolting up out of the bed becasue my heart ,as i call it,quivered so bad i thought it was just gonna stop beating or never go back to normal.I had a ekg and a holter monitor done..nothing.Soooooo because of those and obsessing so bad over what was wrong my anxiety sky rocketed once again.I started taking ativan and it helped with the obsession over my health but i still felt the palps i judt didnt worry much about them.Then I started Lexapro it took a while prob 2 months give or take but poof they were gone for the most part ...i could sleep again ...if you have tried lexapro or another anti depressant and they are still very bothersome id go back to the doc and ask what else can be done to calm or rid of the palps.I also think if you have not yet had other possibilities for the palps rulled out then you should ask your doc about being reffered to a cardiologist,or see if your doc will set up some tests to be ran like a event or holter monitor see if some palps can be caught and recorded to be examined.

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