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Hey all. I've checked in on this board several times over the past year, but this is my first post. The feedback I've seen in various threads has been more than helpful; y'all seem to be a very thoughtful, compassionate bunch, and I'm grateful to have this resource.

I'll try to make a not-so-long story even shorter. I'm a youthful 37-year-old male. At one time or another over the last year and a half, I've had the laundry list of physical symptoms: heart palps, shortness of breath, chest aches, excessive jaw and back tension, lightheadedness, pressure around the head, mild disassociation, worry about health and whatever the overblown issue of the day is. I don't have panic attacks; outside of the worry, the anxiety seems to manifest itself almost entirely through those physical symptoms. Although they can be a real nuisance, or even debilitating once in a blue moon, I'm functional on a daily basis. All of the heart/head/blood tests have come back normal, 'natch.

I was finally diagnosed with GAD a couple months ago and have been on 50mg of Zoloft for about six weeks. It seems to have helped with some of the everyday symptoms, but I'm still having trouble with the lightheadedness/pressure band around the head (and a touch of nausea)whenever I exert myself; it usually lasts around an hour or two before slowly dissapating. Even a long, fast walk can bring it on.

I have two questions for some of the wiser heads: 1. Do the head symptoms after exercise sound familiar to anyone? 2. I'd like to knock out the heart palps once and for all (they were my first symptom and perhaps things snowballed from there) and was wondering if anyone had any experience switching to a beta blocker after being on a SSRI, and what effect it had on the general anxiety. (My mother took Atenalol for a short time for heart palps and it did the trick for her.)

I appreciate your patience getting through this post, guys. I'm sure it just seems like your garden-variety GAD, but it can really drag me down, as I'm sure you all know. And I do know and believe there are real answers and cures out there. Anyway, I again appreciate any advice/experience you care to share. Cheers!


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