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[QUOTE=bumblebee919]for the past 3 months or so, i've been noticing that I get the most anxiety the week after my period ends ...I'm not sure if this is just coincidental or if it's acutally linked to my period.

anyone else notice this or is this just me trying too hard to try to connect my anxiety to something? :)
I too have noticed that with myself these past few months. In fact, this week my anxiety is out of control, and my period just ended 2 days ago... I would be interested to know why that is too. My anxiety usually starts getting really bad about 2 days into my period and then lasts for about a week after my period ends. I still have anxiety outside of that window, but it seems to always be worse then. Kinda strange... Let me know if you find out any reasons why this might be happening to us.

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