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I hope someone can help me. I have been experiencing constant muscle stiffness and tightness on the left side of my body for the past 2 months. Soemtimes I get pins and needles and burning sensations. I have been to a chiropractor because I had sciatica also. There have been intermittent days with no pain and stiffness but it always returns. I have also been very anxious and depressed. Worried something is seriously wrong with me. Been to MD also who attributes it to anxiety and depression. Gave me Zoloft. Reacted badly NOw gave me Desryl to take at night. Can all this tightness and pain be caused by anxiety? Will the Desyrl help? Any input is appreciated.
Oh man...I had (have) this as well. I'd get them when I was on planes or in stressful meetings or out-of-control situations, and then they would last for days after I felt them b/c I focused on them and stressed about it. Went to MDs for help like five times last year and had all sorts of crazy, expensive tests run and they always turned out fine. Turns out this is a fairly common anxiety reaction. Ever notice that when yours go away that it's b/c you're REALLY relaxed and mellow? If so, that's a clue about where they come from. Tried deep beathing or meditating? Tried short-acting anxiety medications?

Oh...caveat...see a doctor if you really freak out and if you don't trust it get a second opinion. I don't know how many times it took me hearing that I was OK before it sunk in.
I have what you are describing almost every day, but I've noticed, the more stressed I get, the worse it gets. Then I get muscle knots in my chest and back. The chiropractor gives very temporary relief. Having the knots rubbed out helps the most, but keeping the stress down is the best cure!
Thank you perfect blue and you are not alone. I've been feeling a little less stressed since starting meds. I am also trying to keep up with breathing exercises. MD suggested yoga. Has anyone tried it? Hope you are all feeling well and that 2006 finds us all in better spirits emotionally and physically.
I've been dealing with constant muscle tension, tightness and pain on my left side for months. I've been to doctors, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, but nothing has helped too much. The doctors just put it down to stress and anxiety. It seems that whenever there's something wrong with me, it's always on the left side. It seems like it's the same for others. I wonder why that is?
I wish I knew why.I have it too more of burning,stabbing pains though.I have had this mostly in left arm and sometimes my chest and my neck.I had ekg,echo,blood,chest xray at the ER all fine.I still fear it being my heart like a blockage.I have this anytime just out of the blue and then a few minutes or so later there is no pain at all.ER doc said have my doctor get me a stress test but pffft i dont have the money for that.He also said he doesnt think its my heart because my only risk is smoking.I wish that was reasurring enough for me,but its not :rolleyes:
I have had tightness in the left side of my chest for quite some time now...Saw a cardiologist and all that. It got so tight it's actually caused a bruised, yellow patch to stay on my chest for months now. Which freaked me out not too long ago.
yes - i too have pains on my left side! my back has been bothering me and my chest and ribcage and even my left leg and foot. it has really been stressing me out. ended up in er w/a bad anxiety attack but i still hurt! they did ekg and blood work and said that was fine. just said i have anxiety. but why wont the pains stop??

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