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Hi All,

I have been taking 50mg Zoloft and .25mg xanax 3x a day since may when i had alot of anxiety. Things were up and down for the last 7 months but Ive been able to work and all, some days are better than others. Im currently on 75 mg of zoloft, and still with the xanax, but Im slowly finding that my anxiety is making a return. I can tell because of a rash i get on my palms (dishydrosis I believe its called) that I wold get when anxiety would come back.

I heard that xanaxs' effects wear down after being on it a while...i would think that the zoloft would be enough (and heck, I dont wanna be on xanax forever)....any suggestions? Maybe the zoloft dosage is too low?


Zoloft never worked for me ( I am diagnosed with depression/anxiety) and I always ended up going off of it. 8 months ago my new doctor prescribed celexa (another anti-depressant that also works well for anxiety). It took about 5 weeks for me to feel the benefits of this drug but when I did it was great! It has helped me immensly and I have had NO side effects. I was also able to go 8 months with no dosage change. Recently I have had some personal problems that have caused an increase in my anxiety level so my doctor raised my dosage, but I think that if that hadn't happened I would have been fine on the same dose.

I'm not saying celexa will work for you... but different drugs work better for different people. Some don't work at all for some people! If you are continuing to have troubles after being on the Zoloft for 7months it may be worth talking to your doctor about making a change and trying a different med.

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