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awww I deffinitly know how ya feel, been there so many times.Anxiety/stress can cause dizzy,lightheaded spells I have had them many times.Do you take any meds for anxiety? Some times for me that has been the only thing to help rid of the physical symptoms.Also try and make sure you are breathing properly hyperventilation can cause dizziness too.
I havent had vertigo many times in my life but I have a few.The first time was when I was having heavy anxiety im talking an entire year of 24/7 anxiety.I remember I was sitting and suddenly it was like the room turned upside down and back again.Someone at that time also sugessted an inner infection to me,but I had that checked and my ears were fine.My doctor at the time couldnt find any other reason for it happening or any of the other numerous things I was complaning thats when I was told anxiety/stress was the cause of the vertigo.I know it seems hard to believe though I have had so many scarey things happen to me physically (as have many others here) that makes us think it isnt possible for it to be just anxiety,but alot of times it truely is.I dont know if you have had your ears checked yet or not,but if not id try that and have your blood preassure checked there is a condition (sorry forgot the name) that can cause one to have vertigo or dizziness upon sitting or standing.So have your doctor check your blood preassure as you stand and as you sit back down.

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