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Dec 29, 2005
Sorry this is so long!

Hi, hoping someone can give me some answers. Iím a 30 y/o female and have been having these weird symptoms pretty much ever since my son was born 3 years ago.

The main thing I always have is fatigue, but not just normal fatigue, more like utter exhaustion, every day. It doesnít matter how much sleep I get. It starts when I wake up in the morning; I never feel like Iíve slept when I wake up, but my husband says I donít snore or move around unusually much or anything. This has been the one constant for the past 3 years.

Then, it has seemed like this past year, I began having weakness in my arms and legs. Sometimes just going up the stairs feels like climbing Mt. Everest. By the time I get to the top, my thigh muscles are so weak, I feel like I can barely take another step, and they just feel shakey and strange. My arms are also weak, but it seems like my left one is weaker than the right at times, and like I just have no strength in my hand. My arms get tired just from drying my hair in the mornings. Also, a few months ago, I started having numbness and tingling at times in my hands that will sometimes travel up to my wrist/forearm area. Sometimes I will just be sitting around and all of a sudden, one of my arms will feel almost numb, like itís asleep, then it will just resolve itself over the course of minutes to possibly longer.

I get spots on my skin that just feel like theyíre burning and extremely sensitive to the touch, for no reason. It may stay that way for a few minutes to even a day or so, only to go away and come back in another spot again sometime. I canít seem to find any pattern or anything that causes them.

Iíve been having twitches all over, in strange places that you donít normally have muscle twitches, such as my upper lip, neck, stomach, etc. Recently, for about a week, my left lower leg would vibrate on and off throughout the day, all day long. I also had a twitch in one of my eyelids that persisted for about 2 weeks before resolving itself.

I was in the ER for chest pains a few months ago (which turned out to be nothing, apparently), told the doctor about these symptoms, and he referred me to a Neurologist. I saw him and he basically (at least I felt) blew it all off and is trying to attribute all of it to stress/anxiety. He did order an MRI (I think more to appease me), but I havenít had it done yet because my insurance co. is denying it. He did some quick tests in the office and said they were normal. I also mentioned to him that I get creepy crawly feelings in my legs a lot at night, and he said that may be RLS and prescribed Pamelor for that, to see if it helped me sleep more soundly. I looked up Pamelor, read the side effects and have decided not to take it. Not sure if this was a good idea or not, but thatís a whole other issue, I guess!

I have had severe anxiety issues since my son was born, and think that I probably need to do something about them, but Iím wondering if my symptoms sound like they could all be attributed to anxiety? RLS? Of course Iíve been worried about things like MS.

Thanks in advance if anyone reads this far!

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