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I am a 34y/o male. Been having left quadrant pain for some time now. I had a stress test done 3 weeks ago. I had myself worked up over it. I lasted 3 minutes on the treadmill before I was told to stop due to my heart rate which had reached it's target bpm. I had no pain or dizziness.The doc said we should not see that happen since I should be in better shape apparently for my age, which I can understand, and we were only in the so called warm up phase. However it took a good 15 minutes to get my heart rate down below 100 bpm. I was so focused on looking at my heart rate I think that could have contributed to why it took long, I was real nervous at this point. Received a call from my referring doc who said the results were abnormal. I had a low excercise tolerance and something did'nt look right on the nuclear image. I am now going to see another cadiologist for a possible angiogram. MY question is if it were something major would they wait for further testing? Did I really get my self worked up that much to alter results? I do believe that I do suffer from anxiety and now the waiting makes it even worse. PLease shed some light.

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