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I've posted on other boards thinking I might have something physically wrong with me, but I beginning to think it might be psychological.

I'm a 37 M. It all started 3 weeks ago, when I jammed my finger in a door and passed out. I didn't worry about it too much because I've passed out before from pain. However I began feeling light headed after the incident. I would lay down because I thought I might pass out again.

I went to the doctor to make sure nothing was wrong. He checked me out and said I appeared normal, but if I continued to feel light headed he could take same pictures (scans).

The next few days I started getting panic attacks. My heart would race and I'd have a very uneasy feeling. A couple nights I thought of going to the ER.

I went back to the doctor, and (luckily) I started having an attack in his office. He did an EKG and everything was normal. He then mentioned I could have an Over Active Thyroid, so he took blood to run some tests. Everything came back normal.

My racing heart has calmed down, but I now I'm having feelings of depression. Like nothing matters and I can't get enthused about anything anymore. I used to get enthused when the mail came.

Other symptoms I'm having are: Brain Fog, difficulty concentrating, fear of being alone, ringing in the ears, loss of appetite (though sometimes I get hungry). Last night for a little while I felt almost normal, but this morning I woke up feeling blah. The symptoms seem to come in waves, but I can't tell if anything is triggering them.

Anyway, this is all new to me, because before these few weeks I never felt this way. I've always been enthusiastic about life. I'm trying to decide what I should do next. Go back to my doctor, or find a therapist that deals with anxiety.

My question is, do I sound like I could have an Anxiety Disorder, or could there still be something physically wrong?

Any comments or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you could have some anxiety. alot of people have health anxiety, me being one of them. I would go to your doctor and ask if there are any meds that he could prescribe.. xanax.. ativan.. and if you are depressed maybe an anti- depressant. I don't know much about this, just that I suffer from it as well. So I only know the suggestions that were made to me. I feel that a therapist is a good idea, each person is different, just have to find something that works for you. Good luck to you.. keep us posted


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