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[QUOTE=Davesant3]and I think it is possible to beat with out medication or therapy. I have dealt with all the symptoms, Heart Burn, numbness, derealization, muscle tension, shivers, sweating, tightness around my head, blurry vision, you name it, I have had an episode.

After a year of these odd episodes, i realized, that I eaither have every sickness under the sun or this is due to anxiety. Knowing that anxiety will not kill me gets me through these episodes.

I think you need to have a strong mind and when you have these sensations you can dismiss them as anxiety. I had almost had a panic attack new years eve while driving home, I was talking to a freind and for a second I could not breath, my arms and legs git tight and I began to shiver, but I was able to "ignore" the symptoms and sure enough they disappeared within 5 minutes.

It has gotten to the point where these symptoms feel normal, so they dont bother me anymore.

I am sure thousands of people discovered this revelation, I am posting because I am happy that I may have won this battle.

This board did help a lot too.


Good for you! I love to hear that anxiety can be fought and we can win! I'm currently taking Xanax, but I'm trying to dose down and just see if I can beat this without meds as well. I've been with this bout of severe anxiety now for about 6 months and also have had every symptom under the sun, along with all the tests that come out perfectly normal. Thanks for the encouragement!

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