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Brandon, I've read alot of your posts over the last couple months and replied to a couple of them. I could easily sign my name to alot of the posts you write because the symptoms and thought process matches what I've went through just about to a T. My whole problem started when 3 people I knew, not close friends or family but acquaintances, had cancer. I developed a pain in my stomach and I "knew" I had cancer. It was all down hill from there.

Pretty soon I experienced most of your symptoms and some extras. I begged the Dr.s to run test after test because I "knew" they were missing something. I had a MRI of my head and neck and was so wound up about the test that when it came back normal just like everything else I broke down into tears on the spot. Shouldn't that fact alone tell me that I'm way to wound up inside about this thing.

Well then I got off on the ALS/MS and so on bandwagon. I was out of control. I finally went on meds. Slowly but surely I felt better, then my prescription ran out and I went cold turkey off of Lexapro. Felt like crap, dizzy, headaches, brain zaps and more. My doc couldn't find anything and I once again started to spiral back into the anxiety mode. I had my doc put me back on Lexapro and found out by my own research that the most recent symptoms I had matched up with SSRI withdrawal symptoms perfectly. I then wished I would've stuck out the withdrawal process but it was to late.

Once again I am starting to feel better and now know what to expect when I go off Lexapro, which I am definately going to try again. My advice to you is to force yourself to be active, idle time is the worst, at least for me. And under no circumstances should you become an internet surfing hypochondriac. That was the boot that kicked me over the edge. So many vague symptoms match up with so many conditions and I got caught up into diagnosing myself and all I did was convince myself that I had everything wrong with me. Under no circumstances do I look up any disease anymore. That is one of the best decisions I made and most helpful to me as far as getting through this thing and I will get through it.

Keep on plugging, this too shall pass.

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