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Hey Guys.

I am 21m in college....and this is my 3 month update....

I have had Anxiety / Panic since Oct. 1 2005....took me over out of the blue...

I have been taking ZOLOFT for Anxiety / Panic disorder since October 10th 2005....prescribed by my Doc...

During these PAST THREE MONTHS of taking MEDS ( ZOLOFT and ATIVAN ) and dealing with this Anxiety...I have experienced almost every side effect people on this board talk about! Here is a sample list of some things I have experienced... The * represent how often or intensity I had them.... More *** , More of that particular thing....

***Upset Stomach / Nausea / Indigestion / Gas / Loose Stool
**Blurred Vision / Seeing Floaters / Squiggles
**Muscle Weakness / In hands mostly when I wake up...that might be normal though ???
***Muscle Pain / Mainly in my legs / anyone else on this one ???
**Muscle Spasms / Twitching
**Muscle Stiffness
*Trouble concentrating / foggy brain
**Vivid Dreams
*Chills / Feeling cold
*Lower Sex drive at first, but it did come back after 1 1/2 months
*Easy Bruising / Cuts seem to take longer to heal
******y Skin
**Dark Circles under eyes / Not sure why? Never had them until all of this happened ???
**Feeling out of it / Not connected to reality
*Off Balance

Now, I don't think this is all of them, but this is the majority and the ones that definitely jump out.... I also have some of the ones I am still scared about? Like all of the muscle ones? Has anyone else experienced any of these?

I couldn't and still can't believe all of the effects that Anxiety itself, as well as taking an Anti-Depressant (Zoloft) I have had or experienced....

I guess the main question you have to ask yourself is: Do I truly feel better?

For me after 3 months of living with this....I have to say that I DO feel better...! I look better too! I looked run down really thinned out...but now I do look better!

I hated the fact that I had to take MEDS!!! I wanted nothing else, than to just feel better by MYSELF!

But, I stayed with the ZOLOFT...( I was also on ATIVAN for 2 1/2 months, I just recently got off of that...)

I have tried to do other things to help aid in my recovery...such as...

Seeing a psychologist once a week ( just to talk...helps me put things in perspective)
Keeping a daily journal
Going to a Panic/Anxiety support group once a month
Eating Right
Doing the things I used to do before all of this happened ( hanging with friends, going out, etc..)

You see....this all started right after my Grandma's 3 days after...Could that have something to do with it? I don't know...maybe...

Since then ( Oct. 1 2005 ) I have had terrible Health

Thinking I have this disease or that illness ( Heart Attack, all cancers, ALS / MS, and other diseases that kill you )
Thinking I am just going to die soon / abruptly
Feeling at times that this is my last time doing certain things

It all really sucks, and it is really scary and real to me, because I do experience some of the physical symptoms of these diseases, and that is the hardest part for me....But, I have to keep being realistic and logical in all of this...Is it that I do have some disease, or is it the Anxiety or the MEDS? Most likely the MEDS! But it is hard to accept that for some reason....

I guess this Post was to share with everyone my experience so far over these past 3 months dealing with Anxiety / Panic....Also I hope people will reply to this post and maybe post there own experiences....I hope we can all chat and continue to help each other through this....


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