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The first thing I would do ( this helps me at least ) is get a note book (works better to have all the notes in one place rather than on random sheets of paper which just makes more chaos for me) and make a list of the first page(s) of EVERYTHING you have to do to prepare for this. Everything you mentioned, what to do about house, animals, etc.... then make a page for each thing and make notes on how to accomplish etc... I find when I map things out in front of me on paper they don't seem nearly as overwhelming. The other thing I would do (we are similar, I suffer anxiety/depression as well as chronic pain caused by chronic endometriosis) is make a list of different independent insurance companies and start making phone calls and getting prices. That seems to be one of your main concerns, as it should be given your health issues. I have some friends that have had to purchase their own insurance because it was not offered at their jobs and there are some good deals out there. Good luck! Don't know if any of my advice will help you but I sure hope it does! :)

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