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[QUOTE=phil rogers]I have had a real anxiety problem for a while.I have worried about heart problems an other things.I am taking zanaz and paroxetine.I now have tightness in my neck and my stomach hurts and my abdomen is tight like it is swollen and the only things that stops my stomach pain is zanaz.It does not stop the swelling abdomen.I now have fallen and broke my arm which causes more stress.Has any one have a swollen abdomen from stress some one tell me what to do thanks phil :yawn:[/QUOTE]

I have the same thing, i just dismiss it as anxiety. My neck gets so tight that when I roll my head I feel muscles in the middle of my back crack, it is crazy, but I know it is anxiety because it happens when I drive, and knowing that gives me comfort knowing that it is anxiety.

You see if I feel funny and am having different attacks through out the day, I figured out how to find comfort in them. Either I have everything under the sun or it is anxiety. Knowing that it will not kill me kind of balances out my fears and worries.

Sometimes these episodes are pretty bad, but I have learned to accept them and deal with them.

I have turned these attacks into a streangth, I eat right, work out a lot, sleep regularly, and have fun doing things i love which make me feel good.

I remember I was having an attack, chest pains, I went to the gym and ran for an hour straight looking at myself in the mirror saying "can a person about to have a heart attack run like this" I kept going and going, got off the treadmill, felt great as if I acheived somthing.

Sorry if I got carried away, I know how you feel.

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