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Hello Layla - So good to hear from you, was getting worried about you there for a little while. Sounds like you had a crazy holiday season, but you pulled through brilliantly. Good for you! You should feel very proud of yourself. Maintaining control can be so hard sometimes, and feeling overwhelemed can be a crazy and all too common feeling. Thrilled you are handling everything as well as you are, and thrilled you are back online. Keep up the good work!

Sr. Mom - good luck with the surgery, I will be thinking about you. I truly hope that this is what you need to start feeling better. Report back in when you can.

As for me, doing pretty well. Still have a ton on my plate - job, moving, wife and baby, money - still overwhelmed by it all, but feeling MUCH better. 2 weeks ago, when I returned to work, I regressed dramatically. Throwing up, shaking, crying, not wanting to face the day, unmotivated, very tired...very depressed. For about a week now, I have been taking an increased dosage of Lexapro, and 1 Xanax (small dosage) every morning, and it seems to really be helping. Last week was tackled with a renewed confidence and purpose, and I truly felt better. This morning I feel a little anxious, probably b/c I have to work until 1 am or so, and have a major event on Sat, but still much better. No good news on the new job (will not get started), or house, but hope to have some new info on both any day.

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