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hello everyone,i got a prescription for prozac 20mg last week, have not filled it yet, ive had some bad experiences with antidepressants before, i tried 3 0r 4 different ones,i am soo scared of these meds, ive been doing so so on my own although not great,the only thing im taking at this moment is klonopin,i was told to take 1/2 tablet 3 times per day but i dont because i drive for a living and need to be alert so i only take it when my anxiety gets unbearable.i hate to waste money on this medication and end up pouring it down the toilet because im afraid ill have side effects like i did the rest.i had bad suicidal thoughts on one i took a while back,i just dont want to go there again.any tips on prozac bad or good?i know the only way is to just try it but i have a bad phobia about these it possible to take a antidepressant 5 years ago and have zero side effects and take it again years later and have bad effects off it, same dose at that?

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