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I'm a 56 yo male. Current worry is gut pain - first thought it was enlarged prostate. Have been to my internist and urologist. It's not enlarged. PSA was low (good!) Having CAT scan tomorrow. The pain is low level, but originates at the same spot ( halfway down from navel about two inches left of center). Of course, once it starts, I tense up and feel it everywhere in the gut, but my real concern is where it starts, so that's why the MRI. It also feels related to a full (or partially full) bladder, so that's why we were initially thinking prostate. Of course, now I'm thinking bladder cancer. All urine analyses have come back clean. I'm really worried!

Stress is high too. Job is good but there is a lot going on. Another biggie that's good but scary is that I'm getting re-married in 4 weeks. This is good but it's another change. I think that this is subconsciously working on me. I know I don't like change. Even though things are perfect with us and we've been essesntially living together for 2+ years, it's still a change. She's selling her townhouse and moving in with me. Again, we've effectively been living together, but there's a real finality to marriage (at least I pray so!)!

Ok, my question is - can anxiety/stress cause localized gut pain? It seems to always originate from one spot. What are your experiences? I have no other symptoms, other than increased urination frequency.


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