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Thanks for your help, I did talk to my doc about it and he of course told me to go back on. The bad thing is there are other doctors out there telling there patients its not safe to take during pregnancy. My cousin was told to stop by her OB, he said it was just not worth the risk. Then her normal doc who she talked to about weening off told her not to stop. When your pregnant if you hear something may be questionable you dont want to do it. So I guess I was looking for some reasurances from others. The funny thing is yesterday I had a normal appointment and ended up pretty much having a breakdown in his office. He sent me to a access center in the hospital to talk to someone and they told my doc they didnt have anyone that could see me for three weeks but they assesed me and found I should take some time off work and go back on and take something for the short term. So Im now taking Ativan and back on my Lexapro. The really freaky thing is on my Ativan bottle there is this huge warning not to take during pregnancy due to increase risk of defects. But Im to the point where im not sure if I can go the next day or to without it. I took it last night and I slept was much more relaxed. I just felt alot better. Maybe know I didnt have to deal with work helped too.
Oh and just so you know my hubby is already the king of massage!!!! Hes going to get carpel tunnel soon.

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