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You bet!!

You know what? I personally would try it, at least once, but I'm not you. I now take ativan occasionally for panic attacks (doesn't seeem to work) and chlorazepate daily for anxiety. I've tried ADs and they don't work. Ironically, I had just come off a daily (75mg) dose of clobazam (aka, frissium, a benzo), which I'd been taking for three years for seizure control. No one told me of the danger of taking a daily high-dose benzo long-term, and I'm left with having to take yet another benzo just to relieve the after effects of the first benzo I'd taken. I've been having panic attacks since March, when I stopped the frissium.

My naturopath told me about a Chinese herb called Bupleurum D. I find that it often, not always, works, and has the happy side effect of lowering your cholesterol. I take two x three times a day. If you don't have access to a health food store, or they don't carry it, you can get it online. Remember to get Bupleurum [b]D[/b] -- it's a compound. Straight Bupleurum doesn't work. It's better if you take it b/f you begin to panic -- ie, take it whether you think you need it or not, three times a day. It doesn't work so well if you're in the throes, though it still helps.

Also, you might want to try 3000mg of fish oil (mine is wild salmon) and a lot of magnesium. They help. I take both of those.

I'm really ticked off. :mad: at my doctors. I seem destined to panic :eek: forever. I thought in August/September that I was nearly done, but no -- in September the attacks came [i]roaring[/i] back, and I'm almost as bad now as I was last March. Bupleurum D really helps though.

I hope this helps. I don't envy anyone who has panic attacks.


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