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Hello all:

Im new to these boards but have read over them and everyone seems to be on the up and up...I have been suffering from nausea and a mysterious pain near my right shoulder blade for like 6 weeks now. I've been to the doc, he did a ton o blood work all came out fine I had an ultrasound this am and waiting to hear back from that. Here's the deal, I have suffered just about every type of the worse stress a person can go through this past year, I lost my business, had to move my family in with my brother-in-law, almost went through a divorce, had a cardiac ablation and the list goes on...

The nausea and pain in my back go away when I'm really working and have my mind off it, I'll even think, "man, i feel great" but when things settle down it comes back. I may have 3 or 4 good days then bam it's back. I can't link it to anything, I don't vomit, I want to eat, in fact I feel better when I do eat.

So could this all be just a bad case of Anxiety and stress???

Anyone else have problems with nausea and anxiety?

Thanks in advance for any opinions.
I don't know about the shoulder/back pain, but when my anxiety is really bad nausea is through the roof, sometimes I throw up first thing in the morning for a few days in a row because it is so bad. Actually, I have a very sharp pain under my shoulderblade that comes and goes, but that is because of a pinched is aggrevated by stress sometimes.

I might have to have an ablation at some point within the next few months :( not looking for it but hoping it will cure me of my tachycardia.

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