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Ya, I know the feeling of being almost out of your body and not really remembering a lot of what happened (or not remembering it clearly). It could be partly due to your anxiety and partly due to your sinus infection. Everytime I get one it makes me feel dazzed like I'm in a dream. I think it is just the pressure in your head that distracts you and effects your vision which effects EVERYTHING else.
I take 50mg of the Zoloft daily as well (I'm down to 50mg every 3rd day now). When I first started it I didn't think it was helping either but after a while my anxiety was much better. It is almost like the med made me forget about the anxiety in my daily life (it was all I was thinking about for a long time) Once I stopped thinking about it and actually living my life it seemed easier to deal with it when it did pop up. It took me a total of 4-5 weeks on the zoloft before I was anxiety free. I would stick it out for another couple of weeks and see if you are feeling better. Then if you still dont see any major changes talk to your Doc about trying a different med. The most important thing is to get your depression under control and I think you will find that when you are no longer depressed that your anxiety will stop too. The 2 go hand in hand.
I hope you start to feel better soon. I know how hard it is to deal with and I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone. you will get through it, you just have to take care of yourself. ((HUGS))
Stay off the cheeba(LOL) it only makes things worse and won't do anything to help your anxiety. If you have to talk to your Doc about a med like ativan or xanax to help when your anxiety gets really bad. But BEWARE, these meds are very addictive and you should only take them when you absolutely have to. You don't need a whole new set of problems.

Take care talk to you again soon

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