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I was on Klonopin and adderall for anxiety. This sent me into crying spells and a deep depression. I am out of it now and deicided to give just plain klonopin a try. It works, but makes me drowsy and a little clumsy at times. I just took .5 mg. Also, I worried about it causing depression. I know the adderall may have been the culprit before, so I can't be sure. I know regular Xanax is used for panic attacks, which I don't have, and is fast acting and short lived. I want something for mild constant anxiety and racing thoughts that will last through the day. If tried 4 SSRI's/SSNRI's without success. Plus I gained major weight. Do bezos cause weight gain? What are your thoughts on daily long term use? I know it's frowned upon by many doctors, but it is a drug that works and makes us feel better. I don't exactly consider SSRI's completely safe and cann have bad withdrawals, yet they push them like candy nowadays.
Thanks punkdizzle... appreciate that you thought my post was a good one:)

About the Xanax XR. I am also taking that... I'm taking 1.5mg per day; however, sometimes I don't take it when I'm home. (which has been a lot lately!)

I took regular Xanax in the generic form and then moved on to the brand name Xanax XR. I CAN tell a difference between the generic and brand, there are a lot less up and downs, but it doesn't give you that immediate coverage. If that makes sense? The XR version is good if you KNOW that a certain thing will cause you anxiety and you can take it before it causes you anxiety. Say you were going to go on a trip to the store, and everytime you went it caused you to have a panic attack, it wouldn't be good if you took the Xanax XR while you were at the store, because it would not kick in fast enough to really treat the panic attack... so you'd want to take it when you got up, making sure it was at least an hour before you left for the event.

I've found that although it does work, sometimes I'll want it to kick in FAST, and the Xanax XR just isn't fast enough.. so I have some left over generic Xanax that I'll take in those situations.

My Dr. thinks that Klonopin is better for racing thoughts, and that sounds to me like what you were describing. I feel that both Xanax XR and Klonopin could benefit you. It's definitely worth discussing with your Dr.

Xanax XR for me is great. It does give you good coverage throughout the day. Downfall-does not have a fast onset of action, which can be bad if you have an anxiety attack. Also, it's a little more expensive. I have a $40 copay for it. Your insurance might be different and cover more, but $40 per/month can add up when you're taking other meds.

Klonopin-Advantage-Cheap, long acting, and available in a generic. Downfall-I found it doesn't work as long as they say it does. IMO the Xanax XR lasts much longer than Klonopin. Also, some don't like dissolving medicine.

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