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[QUOTE=jakep2021]i have a fear of being out in public which happened a year ago after i went into a depression and started smoking pot after my gf of a year moved to another state, im almost posotive that the pot caused my anxiety because i started to have really bad panic attacks everytime i smoked, but not when i didnt...but now i just have them all the time....but are you saying i will always fear being in public and i will never be able to go out and hang with my friends at parties or any kind of event?...because right now i cant and nothing seems fun to me anymore like it did before[/QUOTE]

No, I'm saying you'll eventually come to terms with anxiety. I've done battle with anxiety certainly over drugs, a couple of hits of pot doesn't bother me too much, but more than that I'll have a panic attack. To tell you the truth, I believe coke set off all of my anxiety problems. While I was never a big user, I did get to the point to where I couldn't do [I]any[/I] coke without an instant panic attack and haven't touched it in 10 years as a result.

But in any case you should be able to eventually deal with your anxiety to where it doesn't bother you too much, if at all. You start to view anxiety in a different way after awhile. I think for guys it is a little easier to overcome because of our male hard-headedness and determination. The turning point came slowly for me as I got more and more pissed off at my self everytime anxiety started to kick in. Anger slowly replaced fear. I'd realize and think to myself just how stupid it was and there was no reason for my condition other than my stupid thinking that would bring it on.

So think about it, pretty strange thinking goes on in the mind huh? I'll never come to terms related to drug use anxiety. If I did a big ol' line or a fat joint, I figure I'd have a panic attack to end all panic attacks and I don't think I'll ever overcome that type of anxiety. But any other anxiety that I rarely get anymore, I get pissed off at myself and anger rather than fear helps me stay cool. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! :jester:

If your friends are close, tell them about it if the opportunity to do so comes up, it helped me a lot. You'll find people more understanding than you might expect. I remember years ago in a job interview I started to feel panicky with the adrenaline kicking in. I told the interviewer flat out what was happening and to give me a moment, I sat there for a few minutes, chilled out, and went on with the interview. In that moment, it was talking about it with 'other people' that pulled me through. I had more fear of freaking out in front of the guy than telling him exactly what was happening to me. The guy was very understanding and had no problems with it! :)

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