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Back in August, my doctor started me on Lexapro for anxiety. I had the same reaction to this med as you, in that I couldn't sleep. My problem was that I couldn't sleep at all . . .ever. My mind would just not shut off and let me go to sleep. It didn't matter if I took the Lexapro in the morning or in the evening. I still wouldn't sleep. My doctor also gave me Xanax which would put me to sleep for a couple of hours but then I would be wide awake again. I also tried Lunesta. Same thing, a good couple of hours of sleep and then awake. After 15 days, I had enough and stopped taking the Lexapro. The lack of sleep caused worse anxiety than I had originally had. I had to take Ambien for about four days to get myself to go to sleep and finally my sleep schedule went back on track (sort of). I can now fall asleep again on my own, but I wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. I can relate to your frustration!!
[QUOTE=jkobeck]I take .25 Klonopin but wake up in the middle of the night, doc said to raise it to .5 but I am scared, lol
but will try tomorrow.
does the 1 mg knock you out or could you still function if you had to wake up and run from a fire?[/QUOTE]

1mg doesnt make make me feel tired or anything like that. I am able to sleep as a person that doesnt have a sleeping issue would. It's like if I feel like sleeping at 11PM I can sleep at 11pm. I also wake up not feeling tired unless I slept real late. I have taking other meds such as Trazadone were it knocked me out or two days and on top of that I only took a half of pill of 50mg.
Ambien for me is really bad and and I would never use it again I still need to find meds that help with my social anxiety.

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