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Oh girl me too!

My symptoms started with left arm pains (4 months ago) and now I also get left sided facial numbness and a couple other minor things anyway I too am going soon for a stress/echo test of course since I have GAD I am very nervous about the test as well ugh.My husband will listen to my worries and complaints but of course he does not fully understand and I know hes prob thinking "here we go again" I had a ER doc sugesst this stress test eventhough he said "I dont think its your heart" but he said he couldnt be absolute on that to have the stress test.You are not nuts we are not nuts even if this is all from anxiety we really do feel these things anxiety can mimic soooooo many things and I think most people would worry we just tend to worry more.I try not to think about the symptoms all the time which is hard because especialy the facial numbness its there sometimes all day and night and if I dont keep busy I worry about it and I feel like im in a frenzy and cannot relax no matter how hard I try and I wanna bust into tears qwite often.Anyway I dont wanna drone on about myself but I know how ya feel!It is not fun and if your like me you are also losing alot of sleep...I think your doing the right thing though having the test it can give you a bit of peace of mind
I will check back here to see how your doing take care try to relax if you have any valium or benzo's take one when it gets bad

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