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HI Mjewel-I am feeling a bit better today - surprisingly! My 3rd son, who is 9, needed stitches in his scalp last night after being accidently hit in the head by a stick (more like a log, I think, but what does Mom know!) and I had to get up every hour to check on him to make sure he didn't have a concussion or anything. Thank God he didn't, but somehow,with there being a purpose to being awake most of the night, it didn't seem so bad, and I was able to rest in between checking on him. I know I just need to refocus my attitude, but I am also going to try the antacids. It sounds like things are going well for you and that you have a bright future to look forward to - try not to think about going off the lexapro - like you said - take it one day at a time. I often think that those of us who are struggling to live with anxiety could get useful tips from an AA style program....One day at a time, don't allow insanity into our lives, and depend on fellow strugglers...Interesting. I am not so good at keeping insanity away, but I least I know I can connect here with others who live with it too. Thanks M'Rose

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