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Anyone else experience this? Mine usually lasts only a second but it scares me! May happen a couple of times a day...sometimes not at all. The psychiatrist told me it is panic....Just need some reassurance....THANK YOU!
OMG, I suffer with the exact same thing. It feels like someone is nipping my heart, or like i have trapped wind in my heart.
Funnily enough, mine starts about 2.00pm when im at work and getting ready to go home (i get anxious travelling to and from work), but on the days i dont work, i dont get this pain????
Ive looked up every symptom from gallstones to angina, and basically came to the conclusion that im totally nuts because, i seemed to be the only person in the world with this symptom.
Your post has helped me emensly.
Guess its just another symptom of good old anxiety.
(ps ive had ecg's blood test ect that all came back normal!)
lindsalou~you are the FIRST ever to describe trapped wind in your heart~which is what I feel too! I have told my husband that it feels like a fan blowing air in my chest area. It's sort of a "ripply" sensation and I hate it! thank goodness it doesn't last long. It sometimes "revvs" up when I lay down. When the little fan in my chest turns on~it is very difficult for me to relax and sleep. I cant eat or drink anything for 3 hrs before bedtime or I will not sleep a bit. Maybe it's my blood pressure? I take Diovan for that~but I rarely get 120/80. I know it sounds weird~wish I knew what it could be?
:confused: RR

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