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i read somewhere that if you are having a panic attack....(hard breathing or hyperventilating)...the best thing to do is place your head face down in a pillow (or paper lunch bag) and breathe into it for a few minutes. when you have hyperventilating are taking in too much carbon dioxide, which causes you to feel that you are suffocating...therefore, you end up breathing harder and faster to "try to catch your breath" which makes matters worse....i tried this when i had my next attack...and it did try that instead of reaching for the xanax...if you are in a place or position to where you cannot risk getting drowsy.

i have several ways that i display anxiety attacks...the hyperventilating, shaking head to toe uncontrollably, chest discomfort....feeling that i have an elephant sitting on my chest and soreness, the need to take frequent deep breathes, and i have actually stopped breathing in my sleep (i watched my dad pass away from emphysema, thats when i started having the episodes on not breathing during my sleep).....tightening feeling of the throat like someone has their hands wrapped around it..........but the one thing that i have yet to hear someone say is that they find themselves literally holding their breath without realizing you actually are forgetting to breathe.....i am not sure if thats a symptom or not. i try not to rely on my xanax no more than i have i am terrified of getting addicted to it. so if you can remember during your next attack to try what i just might help keep you from having to take medications.

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