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Well its tuff to say which would be right for you all you can do is try but just so you know unfortunately for some all SSRI's will cause more anxiety for the first few weeks or so until the med builds up in your system.Some have alot of side effects on a particular SSRI and another on that same SSRI may not have any side effects.I am not sure this will do any good but the one that didnt give me any sife effects (or maybe to little to notice) was Zoloft I was taking a low dose if I remember right it was 20 to 25 mg once a day....if you want you can give it a try..I would also keep the xanax at hand in case there are some side effects you can use those as back up with the SSRI to help get ya over the hump of the first few weeks.Hopefully you will find one that doesnt give ya much trouble but if your going to go with meds you may have to deal with side effects until they start to work well.

good luck to you ;)

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