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Hi Pinkee< I just wanted to encourage you...yeah I know "easier said then done". I have been where you are so many times I hate to admit it. I have been on zoloft since 2000, I have come off it three time and am back on it for the fourth time....this time its not doing what it had done all the other times, which is settled my anxiety and depression down (after 6-8 weeks) so that I could function again. Every time I went on the zoloft I had to take either clonzapam (generic for klonopin) or xanax the first few weeks until the zoloft kicked in....this time I still am taking the clonzapam since October 2005. I take 1/2 of a .5mg pill every morning...I try to skip a day here and there and I always feel anxious. I am sure that the zoloft has pooped out but I have tried paxil (thought I would lose my head the anxiety was so bad) Lexapro and effexor all had the same effect on me...increased anxiety in the beginning. I wish I could just go to klonopin only and I may just do that sometime soon.
I have had months that I barely would leave my bedroom let alone my house....I would feel anxious 24/7...I haven't been able to work for a year now due th my anxiety. How do you support yourself?
Listen we all are battling a demon that is so much bigger then us but my one word of encouragment is that NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD!!!!!
I am a born again Christian and I still have these issues yet I am learning slowly to place it at His throne and wait for His healing.
God Bless, I am here if you like to talk, Lainey

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