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Almost every day without fail, I wake up anxious. Sometimes going into a full panic attack. It takes me a while to get a grip on the day, and until I do, I feel awful. My Dr. wants me to take my first xanax as soon as I awake. That's one thing he didn't have to pressure me into. :eek: The rest of the day I don't seem to need the xanax nearly as much.

I'm one of those people that depression and anxiety plus panic attacks all found a home in my brain. Lucky me, huh?? Recently my Dr. started me on a low dose of lexapro for depression/anxiety. I have only been on it a short time but already I feel a little better. The most important thing about the AD is that I don't wake up that way anymore!!!! It's a whole new world for me after 20 years of waking up running for a xanax. I also take a large dose of elavil at bedtime. I was put on it in 1976. The reason I have been on it for so long is it was the only one that worked for me. It's a very old AD. Over the years they have tried sooooooo many new AD's and I always has side effects or they didn't work.

I don't think your problem is unusual and I wish you all the luck in the world. Hang in there please.......Connie :wave:

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