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[QUOTE=AngelOfLight82]I have been taking Valium for my Anxiety for almost 4 months now. I'm only taking 5 m.g. and feel as if this isnít enough. I am told to take it PRN. I have trouble with my anxiety everyday. If I take it in the mornings I don't have anything to take at night. The dosage I'm on is a very small amount. I would like to see it increased. I tried to get it increased about 2 months ago. They wanted me to take Wellbutrin XL 150 m.g. in addition to my Cymbalta 60 m.g. that I'm all ready taking. They said it should help with my anxiety. My only problem is that it isn't helping at all. My chest pain is driving me nuts!

I was just wondering if anyone on this board is taking Valium for their anxiety??? I wanted to hear how it is or isn't helping you. Thank you!!![/QUOTE]

I wouldn't up the dosage. Benzos can become a problem due to quick tolerance. Cymbalta and most AD's are actually stimulant like and could be adding to anxiety; serotonin is defined as a powerful vasoconstrictor and that can cause heart stress. Maybe a lesser dosage of AD would ease some of the anxiety and chest pain?

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