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[QUOTE=cagedbird]I take Neurontin (Park davis) & Clonazepam (generic Klonopin). My insurance at one time instesd of giving me Neurontin,decided to give me generic form made by Ivax. Well the generic was so weak it didn't do a thing for me. After 2 day's of taking it I began smelling burning electrical wires! The smell was sicking,and I was the only one smelling it for days! So yes to your question,withdrawals did the same to me your not alone on this.
cagedbird :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hi and thank you for also confirming this weird smell. Now that I think of it it does smell like burning wires. I really thought I was losing it when no-one else could smell what I was smelling. When I do run out of xanax early it takes at least a week for it to get back into my bloodstream. I have had so many setbacks in the last 15 years including some very traumatic things happen along the way. I have tried other meds, but xanax is the ONLY one that works. I sleep like a rock and wake refreshed. I self medicated for years (alcohol) which only added to my problems.
I learned by my own research that alcohol lowers the blood sugar and can cause hypoglycaemia. I drank daily becasue I thought it was the only thing that kept me going, it was a vicious circle to say the least.
I wasnt properly diagnosed until 3 years ago and I tried paxil ,zoloft, buspar, clonipine and about 3-4 differant meds before my doctor gave me the xanax THANK GOD....
I hope your doing well with your program whatever it may be. Not very many people can understand what anxiety is, let alone how dibilitating it can be.
Good luck and thanks again
RJ :)

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