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Xanax withdrawel
Mar 8, 2006
Xanax withdrawel
I take O.5 milligrams of xanax 4x daily for severe anxiety. There have been times that I run out before my script can be filled again , and once I lost the remainder of about 45 pills. I went through withdrawals and my Doctor of course would not re-prescribe until my due date.
My problem is this: When I go through withdrawal I can smell a very strange odor that no-one else can smell, It is difficult to describe but I will try..
The odor is sort of like a pungent,flowery,yeast like,stale and rotting odor-
(almost like sulphur) . I first thought there had been something sprayed near my home but I found out it wasn't that. No one else notices this odor. When I have the Xanax back in my system for a few days I don't smell this odor. This has nothing do with my hygene, I am extremely clean.
I wasn't diagnosed for many years for my anxiety disorder and sometimes cannot leave my house when I don't have the xanax. I wonder if anyone has ever had the experience of smelling strange odors when going through withdrawal ?
Anyone can reply to this at my regular email addy
Thanks for any input about my question

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